The River Manchester


“I have been at the River Manchester since February. When I started I was shy, had a lack of self-esteem and felt isolated. Since being at the River I feel more confident within myself. I’ve learnt how to deal with customers and gained a lot of skills in which I already had, but lost over the years.

The River supports me in so many ways, my daughter comes with me during the holidays and after school and enjoys helping and seeing me working with confidence. I volunteer with my mum, and my son who has ASD also volunteers during school holidays. Lydia and Janet have been very, very understanding and supportive in helping me have a vision for my future and showing a different side of me to my children as a working mother.

The River is very family friendly which makes things even better. I now want to get up every day and make a difference not only for myself and children but for others who have been in similar situations as myself.”

— Gemma Green

Image: Gemma, right

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